Whether it’s a corner of the library, a kitchen nook, or a space in the den, we all have that special spot in our homes where we go to find reprieve. While the common areas of our home are great for gatherings, we also appreciate those areas of our homed that are designed for a private, quiet space.

Featured in the Cambridge model by Cranbrook Custom Homes, this vanity area can easily become that coveted retreat, featuring plenty of both style and substance.

By combining a unique finish and special details, a dramatic statement is created in  this small and personal space. Tucked carefully into an alcove, the vanity becomes the perfect focal point. While the paisley wallpaper showcases style and personal preference, the granite countertops and mahogany cabinetry deliver class and charm.

With an alluring and inviting space like this, homeowners will most likely linger longer than planned. So, instead of saving grand designs and décor for only those roomsthat receive “more air time,” this clever designer made the powder room – one that no guest will overlook! The Vanity: a place that isn’t quite a bathroom, closet or bedroom, it still creates a stir with it’s own unique style and flair.

Catch more unforgettable room designs at the Ultimate Homearama 2014 beginning August 29 through September 14, 2014. Brought to you by the HBA of Southeastern Michigan, the theme for Ultimate Homearama 2014 is “Bringing The Dream Home.” The participating builders of 2014 are intently focused on creating homes that provide inspiration, highlight design trends, achieve elegance, incorporate attainable features, and emphasize living as the vital element in making a house a home. See up close and personal the latest in design trends and technology. The homes on display will provide you with the ultimate in luxury home living, with the ideas and inspiration that inspire you to bring that dream home.


Michael Stoskopf

Michael Stoskopf

CEO with 28 years of operational management, business development, and marketing experience across a variety of enterprises. A servant leader with an impeccable reputation for truth, integrity, stability and dependability.
Michael Stoskopf

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